My very first blog post


Hi y’all.  You will get to know me more along the way through my posts. For now, I’ll explain how this star was born.  A very good friend of mine told me to get my act together and start a blog today. So I did.  Another very special client has been getting on me to market and promote myself and my services in a bigger and better light. This is a start.  My friend who pushed me to start this today is a huge fan of the plethora of information always swirling around my brain and felt that I should share it with the world as I would for sure find many kindred spirits (aka followers).  My specialty is Kinesiology and Health Science.  My other interests and passions include Ironman Triathlons (well, 70.3 Half Ironmans for now), running, ice hockey, strength and sport conditioning, rehabilitation, corrective exercise, chronic disease, mental health, addiction, orthopaedics, biomechanics, Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, yoga, pilates, beaches, sunshine, meditation, reading non-fiction, and cats and dogs. There is definitely more I am passionate about but, this list should do it for now.  My next post will follow where I will be talking about the Rise Chlorophyll Kombucha drink that I introduced TH to today. Have a great day!

Published by Whole Heart Whole Health Registered Kinesiology and Sport

As the founder of Whole Heart Whole Health, I am specially registered to practice Kinesiology as a regulated health professional. I am also soon to be fully certified as a York University Post-Grad Certified Professional Health Coach specializing in Therapeutic Interventions for Lifestyle, Wellness and Chronic Disease Management. This Professional Health Coaching Certificate includes comprehensive Care Planning for Chronic Disease along with Fundamental Cultural Health Safety Skills. My services are your very own lighthouse navigating you beyond the basic Gym Membership, Personal Training and Fitness Classes. My Whole Heart Whole Health policy is to ensure you are on the right path because at all times I'm the light looking out for you. My ultimate goal is for you to recover faster from surgery or injury and to feel better after a life setback such as a mental health crisis or diagnosis of a serious chronic condition. My navigating, planning and programming will ensure you get stronger, move better and move well and able toward and often beyond your very best. From helping you regain your fitness, to building upon what you already have, to connecting you to the right specialist, to working with your current specialist, to guiding you toward the most effective evidence based health and fitness related information, I am dedicated to your whole health. My services are suitable for all populations, including special populations and those with special needs. Now, how did I get here? On a more personal note, I have always been fascinated with lighthouses. No doubt, my father served in the Royal Canadian Navy for just over 8 years until he met my mother in Digby, Nova Scotia back in the 1960's. Both of my parents passed long before our standard North American lifespan, and this broke my heart so badly, I pulled myself out of a corporate lifestyle in the area of Wealth Management to study Kinesiology and Health Science. I've never looked back because I knew at the time what research was beginning to confirm even back when mom and dad's chronic illnesses began, that our current healthcare system can do better to help US find our way to optimal health. Our current system is built to guide us toward illness and death, as this is the only was we can have access to services and advice - when we are sick. This is why my policy at Whole Heart Whole Health is completely opposite of this - I am your guiding light to HEALTH and your lighthouse to guide you away from illness and death. "Il n'est rien creu si fermement que ce qu'on sçait le moins... Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know." Michel de Montagne

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