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Find yourself a renewed sense of optimal health.


My name is Lynn Tougas and I am the founder of Whole Heart Whole Health, a one-stop professional healthy movement company located in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. As a registered and regulated health professional specializing in human movement and health science, I am your best guide to optimal health. My ultimate goal is to help you stay on track of your healthy wellness at all levels – not just on the gym floor. I may begin by providing you with guided exercise, rehabilitation or related strength and conditioning BUT somewhere along our journey I will no doubt become your lighthouse, translating knowledge and empowering you along the safest, surest journey to optimal health at all times. The practice of kinesiology is unlimited and goes far beyond exercise.

I understand health isn’t flat like a computer screen, diet plan, medical report or prescription — health is 360 degrees round, just like the world we live in. Together we will make a plan of action toward your personal optimal health needs — a plan that is culturally ingrained, nurtured, fully understood and well communicated. This way you WILL reach your fullest healthy potential because you’ll always be able to navigate your way back home to your very own personally created optimal health headquarters.

All health coaching, promotion and navigation services consider both allopathic and alternative healthcare models. My experience working at various Integrative Medicine focused clinics throughout my career allows me navigate you on your health journey 360 degrees leaving no stone unturned.

In a nutshell, my services will help you:

  • regain your fitness,
  • build upon what you already have,
  • connect you to the right specialists,
  • work with your current specialists,
  • guide you toward the most effective evidence based health and fitness related information,
  • organize your current health records, medications and alternative supplements, including helping you shop for your prescribed supplements, orthopedic devices and nutritional support.
  • do the health and healthcare related researching for you,
  • prepare checklists for you to take to your various appointments so that you don’t miss an important question, inquiry or follow-up process,
  • coordinate community services and financial support that may be available to you,
  • contact your other health professionals as needed to ensure a smooth delivery of care.

As you can see, I am dedicated to your whole health AND my services are suitable for ALL populations, including special populations and those with unique needs.

“Il n’est rien creu si fermement que ce qu’on sçait le moins —
Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know.”

~Michel de Montagne

“Jusqu’à ce que vous adoptiez un style de vie d’exercice et de vie saine, vous ne saurez jamais la vie que vous deviez vivre —

Until you engage in a lifestyle of exercise and healthy living every day, you will never know the life you were meant to live.”

~Lynn Tougas




How do we get started?

We will determine what it is you truly need using a thorough an intial intake — and we can do all of this over the phone or virtually on your chosen online platform. Whether you are looking to lose weight, learn how to meditate and regulate your breath, put on more muscle, strengthen a specific joint or area, learn more about a new diagnoses and treatment plan for yourself/ someone you are caring for, we are here to help guide you through the entire process.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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