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My name is Lynn Tougas and I am the founder of Whole Heart Whole Health, a one-stop professional healthy movement company located in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. As a registered and regulated health professional specializing in human movement and health science, I am your best guide to optimal health. My ultimate goal is to help you stay on track of your healthy wellness at all levels – not just on the gym floor. I may begin by providing you with guided exercise, rehabilitation or related strength and conditioning BUT somewhere along our journey I will no doubt become your lighthouse, translating knowledge and empowering you along the safest, surest journey to optimal health at all times. The practice of kinesiology is unlimited and goes far beyond exercise.

I understand health isn’t flat like a computer screen, diet plan, medical report or prescription — health is 360 degrees round, just like the world we live in. Together we will make a plan of action toward your personal optimal health needs — a plan that is culturally ingrained, nurtured, fully understood and well communicated. This way you WILL reach your fullest healthy potential because you’ll always be able to navigate your way back home to your very own personally created optimal health headquarters.

More benefits:

  • As a Registered Healthcare Professional, I am licensed to practice Kinesiology
  • In the Canadian province of Ontario, my services are a tax deductible medical expense.
  • Also in the Province of Ontario, Canada my services are available on several leading private health benefit plans, including those offered by Desjardins, SunLife and Manulife.

While I work toward my Advanced Patient Navigation Certificate and Professional Health Coach Certificate I have been honing my skills in Therapeutic Interventions for Lifestyle and Wellness and Chronic Disease Management. With this in mind, you can be rest assured that all of my programming includes comprehensive Care Planning for Chronic Disease along with Fundamental Cultural Health Safety Skills. I take absolutely everything into consideration when it comes to your health!

Here is how the Patient Navigator Program looks like.

Navigating and coaching have always come naturally to me.

I enjoy helping people succeed.

I also very much enjoy the process of helping people find little meaningful successes along the way as I plant various seeds, be it assisting with health research, assisting with communication between practitioners, finding a suitable practitioner, translating a test result or recommending a book or program.

In order to provide you with everything you need to help you move better and well beyond the basics, I have a wealth of extensive education, training, and additional certification.

Some of the additional training I have that goes beyond Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning includes:

A little added bonus is that I have the gifted ability to speed-read. Reading and sifting through lengthy scientific research is one of my favourite things! This comes in handy should you need assistance with understanding a new and complex diagnoses, prescription or other related medical-scientific terminology.

My number one goal is to make sure you are on the right path at all times. I can help you decide on a class or service dispensed by your local gym or online community resource centre. I can help you make a home equipment purchase. Together we will make sure you are choosing the the best products or services for you. Together we will come up with a progressive weekly plan after taking a look at all of the available options.

My navigating, planning and related programming will ensure you get stronger, move better and move well —  often beyond your very best.

My navigation services include both the allopathic and alternative healhcare systems. I’ve been using alternative health services myself including Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractric, since my late teens when I began to focus on improving my hormonal health and moods beyond what allopathic medicine could do for me. I would like to do the same for you providing the best connections to top notch providers backed by safety assured evidence-based research. This along with my experience working at various health clinics supporting Integrative Medicine — the interaction between allopathic and alternative health — allows me to educate and motivate you 360 degrees so that you are always one step ahead of your current reasonable optimal health status. In fact, I won’t only educate and motivate you, I will show you how to take care of yourself.

In a nutshell, my services will help you:

  • regain your fitness,
  • build upon what you already have,
  • connect you to the right specialists,
  • work with your current specialists,
  • guide you toward the most effective evidence based health and fitness related information,
  • organize your current health records, medications and alternative supplements, including helping you shop for your prescribed supplements, orthopedic devices and nutritional support.
  • do the health and healthcare related researching for you,
  • prepare checklists for you to take to your various appointments so that you don’t miss an important question, inquiry or follow-up process,
  • coordinate community services and financial support that may be available to you,
  • contact your other health professionals as needed to ensure a smooth delivery of care.

As you can see, I am dedicated to your whole health. My services are suitable for ALL populations, including special populations and those with special needs.

Interested in knowing how did I got here?

On a more personal note, I have always been fascinated with lighthouses. No doubt, my father served in the Royal Canadian Navy for just over 8 years until he met my mother in Digby, Nova Scotia back in the 1960’s. Both of my parents passed long before our standard North American lifespan, and this broke my heart so badly, I pulled myself out of a corporate lifestyle in the area of Wealth Management shortly after my mother’s passing in 1998 to study Kinesiology and Health Science. I had hoped to one day become a Doctor.

My parents’ health complications had a true foundation in stress and financial crisis. First there was the recession in the early 1980s that eventually led to my father’s job loss, then my mother took over as the sole breadwinner and stress quickly reined her in. Diabetes, heart and stroke complications were her final goodbye at age 63. My father remained throughout maintaining himself at a job he was so unhappy at, until a low back pain work related injury finally put him on disability as well. Depression and progressive alcoholism followed until his passing from colon cancer that had metased to the liver at age 74.

As a Registered Kinesiolgist, I feel I am the Doctor of the Future as I am one of the only Health Professionals who will lead you away from illness and toward optimal health – mainly through natural methods like exercise, movement, better use of the environment you live in and how you nurture and feed yourself.

I’ve learned first hand that stress can kill and that pharmaceutical and basic physical therapy intervention without Kinesiology and Health Science only results in depression and long-term disability. I will teach you how to nip health crises in the bud, how to be pro-active in managing your stress and how to continue sailing after you’ve done all you can with the basic insurance you have available to you – both public and private.

I’ve never looked back at my change in career, because I knew earlier on what my calling really was.  At the young age of 14, back in the 1980s when mom and dad’s chronic illnesses began — the bitter reality I was living was already beginning to confirm, that our current healthcare system could do better. We’ve still got a long way to go and I know as a Registered Kinesiologist, I can help.

Our current public healthcare system is built mainly to guide us toward illness and death. The only way we currently have access to publicly insured health services and advice is when we are sick. The only way we strive to be healthy, is because we are so afraid to end up in a hospital!

The system is broken. My own have suffered. I have suffered, and many of you continue to suffer either in hospital hallways or at home on pills and waiting lists. Many of you have lost hope and have become helpless, lost and addicted. This is why I want to be the lighthouse that guides you away from illness. Because it is too easy to get caught up in the system, sent home on a waiting list with a bottle of pills endlessly searching for a quick fix.

Be it back to work, back to play, or simply back to a life worth living

— I will get you there!

Together we can find the right Kinesiology coverage for you. As mentioned above I am tax deductible as a medical expense and several private insurance companies like Desjardins, Manulife and SunLife are now covering Kinesiology.

More coverage, both public and private is soon to come.

I’ll leave you with two of my favourite quotes:

“Il n’est rien creu si fermement que ce qu’on sçait le moins —
Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know.”

~Michel de Montagne

“Jusqu’à ce que vous adoptiez un style de vie d’exercice et de vie saine, vous ne saurez jamais la vie que vous deviez vivre —

Until you engage in a lifestyle of exercise and healthy living every day, you will never know the life you were meant to live.”

~Lynn Tougas




How do we get started?

We will determine what it is you truly need using a thorough an intial intake — and we can do all of this over the phone or virtually on your chosen platform — online. Whether you are looking to lose weight, learn how to meditate and regulate your breath, put on more muscle, strengthen a specific joint or area, learn more about a new diagnoses and treatment plan for yourself/ someone you are caring for, we are here to help guide you through the entire process.

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