Personal Training and Guided Exercise Instruction

Pre-Habilitation/Rehabilitative Exercise

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Whether you are preparing for surgery or event, recovering from an injury/event or looking to enhance your quality of life while living with a chronic condition, my additional skills and training in the following areas can fill all of your movement and ability needs:



Integrative Yoga Therapy including advanced Breath Work and Meditation

Cancer Smart Rehab Techniques in Oncology

Acupressure – Level 1 and 2, Kinesiology, Rehabilitation and Applied Manual Therapy

Mindfulness Movement for Anxiety and Depression

Using yoga, Pilates, meditation and other related mindfulness techniques, people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and similar mental health ailments of mild to moderate severity, can be relieved of tension and many concomitant symptoms. With appropriate verbal cues, repetition from the teacher, and individual modifications of both postures and breath work, patients and clients can learn to use their very own mind and breath to maximize their mind-body connection. Every movement, postural cue and practice routine can be custom tailored to meet on-going specific needs, further encouraging patients and clients to adapt these principles into their daily lives no matter what the situation.

Schroth Based Exercise Programs for Scoliosis

The McGill Method (Treating Back Pain from Rehab to Performance)

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Low Back Pain For Primary Care Providers – (Categorize, Treat and Referral Based System).

This system is great for one-on-one acute and private consultation and care, as well as it is excellent for Physicians and Medical Clinics looking to improve efficiency as they delegate their burden of Low Back Pain patients and inquiries to an expert who can treat on the spot OR refer onward only if necessary red flags are tagged.

Online Personally Guided Exercise and Daily Exercise Programming

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Redefining the profession of Personal Training, trainers whom are also registered or identify as Kinesiologists bring one-on-one training to a higher level.  Personal Training can assist you with program design, assessments, specific health tips curtailed to your unique needs, as well to provide you with advice on health and nutrition as it relates to fitness and exercise.

As a Kinesiologist, my services are safe for ALL populations and ages, including those with special needs.

Strength & Conditioning

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As a specialist in sport-specific Strength and Conditioning I have a base-level of university education consisting of an undergraduate degree in the exercise science-related field of Kinesiology and Health Science. This degree forms the foundation of knowledge for the specialty. Having an exercise science-related degree as a foundation has the capacity to ensure I practice using an evidence-based approach. Evidence-based refers to a systematic approach used when training athletes based on the currently available best evidence from peer-reviewed research and professional reasoning. Thus, the sport-specific related programs I may provide to you will be in line with the current literature, experience and knowledge available today.

It helps greatly that I am both an experienced high performance athlete and coach myself, in the sports of Triathlon and Ice-Hockey. I continue to compete in both sports today as a Master’s Athlete.

Sport Specific Coaching and Planning

My experience with sport and coaching extends as far back as 1975, when it was recommended to my parents that I put my hyperactivity to good use with soccer and martial arts. I’ve never looked back and could not imagine a life without sport!

My Level 3 NCCP Theory coaching expertise allows me the skills and experience to build training programs for competitions up to and including World Championship events. In the sport of Triathlon and Duathlon, I have hands-on experience having personally competed at the World Championship level in both disciplines. I also have experience getting my own clients qualified and prepared for World Championship level events.

I am familiar with various training software including Training Peaks and can assist with the setting up, analyses and application of these kinds of training tools. Know that I am flexible to accommodate your needs in whichever way we establish works best for us at the present time, and that such advanced tools my not be necessary to meet current objectives. Whatever your goal is, we’ll develop a plan that gets you there.

All of my sport-specific coaching includes a physical, functional, and gait assessment (where applicable), as well as an investigation of your current training equipment including shoes, gear (bicycle, skates, stick, etc.).

Proper bike-fit analysis by a certified professional can also be arranged at no extra charge.

Lastly, although my specific coaching certifications are in the sports of triathlon and ice-hockey — I can apply the coaching methodology I’ve learned to any sport or activity — in fact, I have applied it to help my clients climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, prepare for photo-shoots, individual swimming, running and cycling events as well as prepare them to look their best for weddings and to have the fitness and strength necessary for a smooth pre, during and post-pregnancy – dad’s included!

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