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The health care system is fragmented, uncoordinated, and complex — especially when you bring cultural values and alternative therapies into the mix.

As a ProKin Health Navigator, I will guide you through the entire health care system including both allopathic and alternative health therapies with the goal of helping you understand diagnoses, treatment options, and available resources, as they all relate to my degree in human movement and health science.

By assisting you, and perhaps our more vulnerable friends and family even more so, we’ll journey together bridging gaps in therapies, surgeries and care while also overcoming barriers to health care access.

I can effectively contribute toward ensuring you experience an efficient, equitable, and patient-centred health care system. Exercise is so often a missing piece of the health puzzle, and this must change. There is no better time than now to instill healthy movement behaviours as we journey through the healthcare system together.

My ultimate health navigation goal is to help you and your loved ones stay out of and away from hospital care as best I can. I am a huge fan of empowerment. Exercise is empowerment. Being strong and fit as one can be builds confidence and enables one to move through their community with greater ease. Being a caregiver of a fitter person is much easier than being a caregiver of someone who never learned the skill of taking good care of their physical health. My will is to give you all of the tools you need to become stronger and more confident with regard to owning and controlling your very own renewed healthy lifestyle and inherent right to optimal health.

As your ProKin Health Navigator, I may use various practical motivational interviewing techniques to help you resolve ambivalent feelings and insecurities. The result is such that you will find the specific internal motivation you need to change your behavior. Motivational Interviewing has its roots in alcholism. Alcohol is a carcinergenic, yet modern day healthcare does very little to help cancer patients reduce their intake. Giving up or reducing alcohol intake is extremely difficult. On the flipside, taking up regular exercise is just as difficult, and simmilarly modern day healthcare does very little to help patients take up regular exercise. The interviewing is a short-term process that takes into consideration how difficult it is to make life changes. Using the results of the interview, a plan can be devised to address specific needs at various stages of health including the following:

  • while recovering from an accident or injury.
  • while you prepare for a major surgery.
  • starting a weight-loss, bone-building or other similar lifestyle change journey.
  • during the most complex stages of health, for example at the onset of a new diagnosis.
  • during a stressful life event for example return-to-work, addiction recovery, role/career change, divorce, end-stages of life, pregnancy and retirement.

I am equipped to provide health navigation to clients and patients in a one-one private setting or as an expansion of my role, I can apply my skills to communties or organizations. In this way, you may find my skills as a ProKin Health Navigator nuseful in corporate settings where I can coordinate with your Occupational Health and Safety Department as we enhance and change the overall culture of the workplace to a healthier one and as a result — a more productive one.

Incorporating a Kinesiologist into your current Health/Patient Navigation plans using the ProKin methodology can help reduce overall burdens on the healthcare system as we know it. ProKin Health Navigation can help to reduce financial strain on related healthcare systems including both the unionized and private insurance systems by helping you introduce evidence-based prescribed exercise and motivational interviewing into the mix of treatments. Using the ProKin methodology can help insurance companies save money as well as it can help give many people their lives back as they once new them before their disability claims – healthy, safe and structured, in a more fruitful place that promotes personal growth through exercise and taking proper care of one’s physical health.

Some of you may be more used to seeing Health/Patient Navigation being carried out by a nurse. Most certainly there are patients who need a nurse to carry out a portion of their specific patient navigation needs and you should know that ProKin Health Navigation is easily integrated into such complex cases. In fact, I invite you to take a moment to IMAGINE how valuable it would be as a result of a collaboration between a nurse and a kinesiologist to revolutionize strategically-graduated EXERCISE as the end goal of ALL patient/health navigation plans. This is the most sustainable health empowerment money can buy.

Nurses are not experts in exercise and human movement. A Kinesiologist is. For this reason, basic modern day healthcare nurse devised patient nagivation plans often miss suggesting exercise altogether or just point the patient/caregiver in the direction of a few community programs either during ongoing treatment or after discharge. Wouldn’t you rather have a Kinesiologist work with your doctors and nurses toward customizing an individual evidence based exercise intervention within your current health navigation plan rather than a provider who isn’t an expert in this area?

Let’s work together and change the system today and become sustainably stronger and healthier as a result.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. ”
― Stephen Hawking

Check your health benefits plan for kinesiology coverage. If you don’t see it – ask your human resources department to look into getting you covered. Several insurance companies currently offering kinesiology are Desjardins, Manulife, Greenshield and SunLife. In the meantime, kinesiology in the province of Ontario is tax deductible as a medical expense. Ask your accountant how this can fit into your company’s health spending account.


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