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Health is a Journey

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Kinesiology is the study of the human body in movement. When the body is not in an optimal state of health, it will not function well.

Let me be your corporate guide to optimal health by helping you host a workshop for your team.

Together we will customize the workshop so that it fits your organization’s current culture and desired outcomes.

The most popular formats are the “Lunch n’ Learn” and the “Rise n’ Shine”.

Presently, I am offering a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute Workshop + a fee-based fully Custom Intervention:

Introduction to 360° of Health for Busy People

This workshop is designed to refresh what we already think we know about health for busy people in the new millennium including a brief overview of current fads and trends. Specifically not limiting my presentation to wellness, fitness and nutritional related health, I also include a discussion on the current impacts of contemporary popular office ergonomics solutions and workplace health and safety programs.

The second piece is all up to you. With my pre-screening and assistance, we will put together the other half of the workshop where I will assist your organization using my expertise and forensic abilities while I take a closer look at the individual cases we have flagged, for example:

  • A team member with a chronic repetitive strain injury that hasn’t resolved or has returned since the last time you had an ergonomics consultant come in. Here I will offer hands on assistance with available equipment and accessories. Should a change need to be instated that calls upon evaluating the purchasing of a new product or solution, a formal report and service request will be submitted.
  • A team member with a chronic health condition whom has been routinely off on disability or missing work. Here I will suggest a private one-on-one Health Coach Navigation Consult which works to learn more about the team member’s condition, their motivation to get better, and what they have done thus far to find relief. Using the results from the consult, a Solutions Report is devised to creatively direct the team member to the various current services and options available to them, along with a plan as to how to get the best use of such services and options.
  • The need to reinstate the excitement of a sit-to-stand desk set up that isn’t being used as much as it once was.
  • The need to devise a regular program of easy to employ exercise breaks for your team’s most common musculoskeletal complaints.
  • Your team has expressed interest in a health retreat or similar event. Using a simple survey, and basing the results on the organization’s current needs, available funds and other options — your dream team-health retreat will be explored. A selection of plausible health retreats or similar health programs will be presented. You can then continue to use my help to organize and host the event(s) or you may choose to go it on your own.
  • Don’t see what you are looking for in this list? I invite you to ask me about other ways I can better assist your organization on its present health journey.

Taking a few simple steps to ensure your team is focused and clear on what it can do to continually improve their overall health can provide many benefits, including saving your business money.

Research continues to show that interventions focused on increasing workplace health, safety and the reducing of workplace injuries raised overall workplace productivity and quality, increased employee retention, and led to greater overall employee satisfaction as a result.

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