The Quiet Body

  “The body you do have to listen to is the quiet one inside. That’s the one that sits there observing your bad habits (but not necessarily taking part in them), often as not muttering under its breath. (Oh what a fool inhibits me, I imagine mine saying.) The quiet body is the one thatContinue reading “The Quiet Body”

Toronto Triathlon Festival Race Report

  “It was a rainy day.”  This sentence sums up The Toronto Triathlon Festival 2014 perfectly! Never have I had to complete a triathlon swim in such conditions as we had on Sunday, July 13, 2014. Every wave started about 10 minutes later than the planned times as the organizers made sure we were not racingContinue reading “Toronto Triathlon Festival Race Report”

Olympic Distance Triathlon Pre-Race Fuel Preparation

  My race start for the Toronto Triathlon Festival Sunday, July 13th, 2014 was 7:18 a.m. Breakfast needed to be at least 2 hours ahead of this start time, if not more optimally 4 hours. Since this is a “B” race, a not so important racing event, I decided to settle with about 2 hours andContinue reading “Olympic Distance Triathlon Pre-Race Fuel Preparation”

Pre-Race Preparation – Olympic Distance “B” Race

  One thing that is always recommended is to check out the water the day before you race if possible. Last year for the Toronto Triathlon Festival, we were unable to do this. However, this year there was a well supervised pre-race swim in chilly 61 degree Celsius Lake Ontario. Katie (aka Dorothy Gale), picturedContinue reading “Pre-Race Preparation – Olympic Distance “B” Race”

Savasana is my favourite pose

Really, Savasana  is my favourite pose. Because for very little effort put forth, the benefits are almost endless for this active little nap of sorts. The name Savasana (pronounced Shav-asana) comes from the Sanskrit words Shava meaning “corpse”, and Asana meaning “posture” or “seat”.  Savasana is perhaps the most important part of yoga practice.  Laying on the back, the armsContinue reading “Savasana is my favourite pose”