Simply choose which service or current offering you are are interested in and send us a request for consultation by clicking here. Your inquiry will be responded to within 24 hours. Sliding scale rates are available for those in need.

See below for other offerings and related fee structures.

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Let’s talk. You may want it all. You are afraid you won’t survive COVID-19 if it hit you. You know losing weight could help with this. Perhaps you need customized weight loss adjusted for your medication. You’d like to try Online Personally Guided Exercise. You want a second opinion on your existing training program or alternative therapies. You could use assistance organizing your health records which have begun to pile up after the move and that second accident. Your husband just bought a fancy new bike and is hoping to improve his cardio but is accident prone. Your father’s health is not great and you have concerns about the outlook of his new diagnosis but just don’t have the time to look it up yourself. Your ADHD child needs to learn a sport – but you are unsure of which one. Your daughter’s knees buckle. And, your office could use some health advice because you are tired of the daily grind and want to feel energized and happy to incorporate movement and exercise while at work.

What ever it is you need right now to improve your health, we will put a plan together for you and start making possibilities out of the things you never thought you could change.

There are several payment options:

Hourly Service Based Flat Fees: Please refer to the bottom of our home page for our current flat fee based offerings. Other services that fall under this category are any time-based service not otherwise allocated through another fee method you are already signed up for, e.g. Report Writing, Program Updates, File-Keeping and Coordinating Medical Reports and other related information, and any additional Health Navigating beyond our original plan.

Retainer: Perfect solution for ongoing training packages. The retainer can be used at any time for other services, such as Private Yoga, Pilates, Manual Therapy Health Coaching and Navigation.

Subscriptions: This is great for someone who does not live in our direct service area. The subscription method can be used along with an Initial Assessment for any service. Your regular payment will allow us to pull and update your file accordingly and answer one 15 min phone call or email per monthly subscription. Subscriptions also apply to Sport-Specific Coaching Plans.

Private Health Insurance Coverage: To help offset costs, please check your private health benefits for Kinesiology coverage. If you do not readily see it, ask your Human Resources Representative or contact your insurance company directly and request to be covered.

Health Spending Accounts: Many Executive Health Plans today have an added benefit of a more flexible Health Spending Account. This most often covers Kinesiology.

Corporate Wellness Packages: All packages can be custom billed according to the various present coverage you and your company have available to you. Kinesiology is also tax deductible as a medical expense in the Province of Ontario. Your accountant would be the best person to ask about corporate billing of Kinesiology as a medically-related expense, perhaps placing it under your Corporate Occupational Health and Safety expenses.

Sliding Scale Rates: Available Upon Approved Application. Inquire within referring to the “Clarification of Financial Need/Available Support” process.

Send us a request for a quote today.

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