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Let’s talk. You may want it all. The weight loss. Perhaps the customized weight loss adjusted for your medication. You’d like to try Personal Training. You want a second opinion on your existing training program or alternative therapy. You could use assistance organizing your health records which have begun to pile up after that second accident. Your husband just bought a fancy new bike and would like to do a Triathlon. Your father’s health is not great and you have concerns about the outlook of his new diagnosis but just don’t have the time to look it up yourself. Your ADHD child needs to learn a sport – but you are unsure of which one. Your daughter’s knees buckle. And, your office could use some health advice because you want to put a stop to your colleagues constantly bringing in left over cakes and goodies you just can’t keep your hands off.

What ever it is you need right now to improve your health, we will put a plan together for you and start making possibilities out of the things you never thought you could change.

There are several payment options:

Hourly Service Based Flat Fees



Sliding Scale Rates are Available Upon Approved Application – Clarification of Financial Need/Available Support

Private Health Insurance Coverage

Health Spending Accounts

Corporate Wellness Packages

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