My very first blog post


Hi y’all.  You will get to know me more along the way through my posts. For now, I’ll explain how this star was born.  A very good friend of mine told me to get my act together and start a blog today. So I did.  Another very special client has been getting on me to market and promote myself and my services in a bigger and better light. This is a start.  My friend who pushed me to start this today is a huge fan of the plethora of information always swirling around my brain and felt that I should share it with the world as I would for sure find many kindred spirits (aka followers).  My specialty is Kinesiology and Health Science.  My other interests and passions include Ironman Triathlons (well, 70.3 Half Ironmans for now), running, ice hockey, strength and sport conditioning, rehabilitation, corrective exercise, chronic disease, mental health, addiction, orthopaedics, biomechanics, Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition, yoga, pilates, beaches, sunshine, meditation, reading non-fiction, and cats and dogs. There is definitely more I am passionate about but, this list should do it for now.  My next post will follow where I will be talking about the Rise Chlorophyll Kombucha drink that I introduced TH to today. Have a great day!


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