Savasana is my favourite pose

Really, Savasana  is my favourite pose. Because for very little effort put forth, the benefits are almost endless for this active little nap of sorts.

The name Savasana (pronounced Shav-asana) comes from the Sanskrit words Shava meaning “corpse”, and Asana meaning “posture” or “seat”.  Savasana is perhaps the most important part of yoga practice.  Laying on the back, the arms and legs are generally spread and the eyes are closed. The complete three-part yogic breath is employed.  The whole body is relaxed onto the floor with an awareness of the breath rolling through the abdomen/lower frontal pelvic region, then the chest, followed by the hollow of the throat and back down again –  like a wave  rising and falling on the seashore with each breath.

“Acclimate” is a term many yogis use to describe why we must spend at least five minutes in Savasana at the end of every class. I would like to highlight this  “acclimatization” factor.  According to Meriam-Websters Dictionary, acclimate is defined as “to adapt to a new temperature, climate, environment, or situation”. With this ever changing world we live in, it makes sense to acclimate any chance we get to survive, to check in with our surroundings and our inner-selves.

Doing Savasana on a regular basis is to our bodies like pressing re-set on your phone, recharging the battery or simply turning the darn thing off momentarily – which we know with our digital devices, turning them off for even just 10 seconds usually solves most small problems!

So why aren’t we taking the time to complete our Savasanas, even at the end of class?

We must make the time to complete Savasana.

And there is no better time to start than right now!

For just five minutes of “acclimating” in Savasana, here is what you can achieve:

– lower blood pressure
– better sleep
– reduced PMS
– moderated body temperature
– improved breathing
– properly re-align your body, including your internal organs
– harmonize your emotions
– reduce gastric distress
– relax the lungs and heart
– strengthen the immune system

Now, who doesn’t want, not to mention – need all that?

Please visit the following link to find out how to perform Savasana:

*My preference is the variation in my photo insert. Support yourself with as many pillows, props and blankets as you feel you need to. There is absolutely no overdoing the props in Savasana. There more at ease your are, the easier it will be to relax into the pose.




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