Knee Health and Virtual Exercise

The new reality of this ever changing COVID lifestyle has definitely brought with it something that may be here to stay its course in the long term – virtual exercise. As soon as we are able to get back to real-life interactive exercise classes, the majority of us will be lining up with our mats and gloves in hand — but a smaller percentage of us may indeed have happily adapted to a sound daily dose or two of virtual exercise and be more inclined to stay away from all of the crowds, loud music and line-ups.

Not only will this bring with it a possible upset in the continuation of the current fitness related small business loss and disruption, it will also bring with it what has already began to rise – virtual exercise related injury.

Virtual life during COVID has forced me to reach out to connect with friends and family. As a result, I have been trying many different interactive apps including one called “House Party”. At first, this app appeared to be just what it sounds like – a virtual house party of pow-wowing COVID woes over a few cocktails in the evening with old friends. What it has become however, in my circle of old friends, is a means for a daily check-in as well as an evening stage for cocktails and COVID related rant.

Some of the friends I have been connecting with more regularly now on the House Party app are friends I haven’t been in touch with since high school, which for me was thirty years ago! A lot has certainly changed in thirty years. As we catch up and learn more about what it is we are currently doing with our lives, I’ve been able to offer support with virtual exercise related injury and discomfort. Just the other day, I found myself in a discussion with an old friend with a “trades-related” bummed-out knee.

My initial inventory captured that my friend feels his knee pain started as a result of his working in the construction trade. He had consulted with a doctor and was simply told to rest his knee and take anti-inflammatory meds. Over the years, since his knee began giving him trouble, this is what he has been doing. More recently, my friend told me since he’s been laid off during COVID he has been indulging in various virtual exercise classes and that his knee pain is back in full-force. He showed his bottle of meds. I told him what it is I do for a living and began to talk about my own chronic knee pain and what I do to help reduce my knee-related pain.

All of a sudden, the virtual chat became very interactive as my friend pulled out his old dusty foam roller while I guided him as to how to self-massage his tight quads and hip-flexors. Almost immediate relief to his on and off years of chronic knee pain was a result from our chat, along with a renewed sense of why the knee pain may have started in the first place. I happily educated my old friend on proper knee alignment during squatting with the addition of some common key squatting warm-up techniques he could do before his virtual exercise sessions. I also told him that keeping up with the instructor should not be his main goal right now, but that his main goal should be to maintain good form and proper alignment — even if this means he is behind a few sets and reps for now.


All in all, I enjoy what I do very much. I was never a huge fan of virtual life and/or technology, but I am a fan of rolling along with the constant ebbs and flows of daily life — especially as I strive to make the best of this new pandemic lifestyle we’ve all been inducted into. I may not partake in much of the virtual exercise offerings currently available myself, but I have to admit I’m grateful to be able to connect with old friends using the same interactive tools. Day by day I am becoming more adept in using today’s growing list of interactive technology options, and as such I’d like to remind you that my services are currently available online. I am confident I can help you in your current virtual journey and I invite all of you to reach out to me with your virtual exercise and related healthy movement inquiries.

Lynn Tougas, Registered Kinesiologist is licensed to provide advice and programming in the area of virtual exercise and virtual human movement related activities. Lynn is very well-connected to other fitness and health related professionals, including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Ergonomists, Massage Therapists, Older-Adult Specialists, Dieticians, Body Building Coaches, Sport Coaches and Occupational Therapists (to name a few) whom will gladly join in on a call with us, in the case that your issue requires assistance and advice outside or over and above of her scope.

Your first 15-minute inquiry is always FREE and depending on your current financial state, future programming and or advice can be pro-rated or priced using a sliding-scale method. All inquiries are confidential.

Published by Whole Heart Whole Health Registered Kinesiology and Sport

As the founder of Whole Heart Whole Health, I am specially registered to practice Kinesiology as a regulated health professional. I am also soon to be fully certified as a York University Post-Grad Certified Professional Health Coach specializing in Therapeutic Interventions for Lifestyle, Wellness and Chronic Disease Management. This Professional Health Coaching Certificate includes comprehensive Care Planning for Chronic Disease along with Fundamental Cultural Health Safety Skills. My services are your very own lighthouse navigating you beyond the basic Gym Membership, Personal Training and Fitness Classes. My Whole Heart Whole Health policy is to ensure you are on the right path because at all times I'm the light looking out for you. My ultimate goal is for you to recover faster from surgery or injury and to feel better after a life setback such as a mental health crisis or diagnosis of a serious chronic condition. My navigating, planning and programming will ensure you get stronger, move better and move well and able toward and often beyond your very best. From helping you regain your fitness, to building upon what you already have, to connecting you to the right specialist, to working with your current specialist, to guiding you toward the most effective evidence based health and fitness related information, I am dedicated to your whole health. My services are suitable for all populations, including special populations and those with special needs. Now, how did I get here? On a more personal note, I have always been fascinated with lighthouses. No doubt, my father served in the Royal Canadian Navy for just over 8 years until he met my mother in Digby, Nova Scotia back in the 1960's. Both of my parents passed long before our standard North American lifespan, and this broke my heart so badly, I pulled myself out of a corporate lifestyle in the area of Wealth Management to study Kinesiology and Health Science. I've never looked back because I knew at the time what research was beginning to confirm even back when mom and dad's chronic illnesses began, that our current healthcare system can do better to help US find our way to optimal health. Our current system is built to guide us toward illness and death, as this is the only was we can have access to services and advice - when we are sick. This is why my policy at Whole Heart Whole Health is completely opposite of this - I am your guiding light to HEALTH and your lighthouse to guide you away from illness and death. "Il n'est rien creu si fermement que ce qu'on sçait le moins... Nothing is so firmly believed as that which we least know." Michel de Montagne

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